Friday, November 30, 2012

Some interesting finds

I went thrifting today as usual! As I said in a previous post I was going to an estate sale down the block from me but postponed it till tomorrow morning. I had so many places to go today, I just could not fit it in!

The ad says they are selling Pyrex and I did see a turquoise strip Pyrex bowl in one picture...hope it is still there and if it is a good price I will bring it home with me =)

Hopefully tomorrow brings a lot more Pyrex because today I only brought home 1 piece of Pyrex!!!!!

I usually bring home tons! There is a real Pyrex drought! and I am not liking this at all.

I almost did not bring this piece of Pyrex home because it was a little plain but I have NEVER seen it before so I decided to bring it home.

I did however find some other interesting vintage things....

My first stop was the Goodwill Outlet in CT. I have never been to a goodwill outlet nor did I hear about it before. I only heard it from a blog that I follow and she posted about it so I tried it out.

It was deff different than my norm, not a lot of glassware which I look for, this time was a lot of junk (sorry to say). Mostly new, shoes etc. I did bring home about 10 vintage books! All very interesting.

I will post my findings  sometime this weekend, when I get the chance to take some photos.

Wish me luck at the estate sale tomorrow, I hope I score on some Pyrex!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas decorating will begin!

Tomorrow is the last day of November and this is the time I usually start decorating for Christmas!
Although, I have not done the outside of my house or the inside yet....(shame on me) I will be getting to it this weekend.....
I will be trying very hard to find vintage Christmas decorations tomorrow, (Friday thrift day) and Possibly on Saturday (Estate Sale day).

I have everything organized for everything to come down from the attic, but I do need to get some new lawn is a sad story. Last year I bought 2 moving reindeer's, a multi-Christmas tree and other lawn decor...Not sure if it was before or after Christmas but someone stole one of my moving reindeer's in the middle of the night, that is one thing I do not like about NYC.
My neighbor told me she heard some kids laughing and running about 2 am so I am assuming it was them.
Immature kids or adults do not make it fun anymore, that is why this Christmas I was debating to even put anything out there, but I will. I will just keep my eyes peeled!

Anyway, I still have my fall decorations up outside (I am the only one)
I know I know I will take them off this weekend! I just love the fall!

But now it is time for Christmas so I will decorate, My list for decorations tomorrow are:

Lawn decorations
Christmas Lights
Vintage Christmas Ornaments
Vintage Christmas Decorations
More lights
Moore Pyrex
etc etc....

Notice I added Pyrex...who can forget to buy some Pyrex!!!! =)

I have a big day ahead of for now

Happy Thrifting!

Some vintage ads...

I have some vintage ads that I bought over the past year and have not framed them yet!
I will be getting to that this weekend....

My first Pyrex ad!

Vintage obsession!

Well, all of you know that I am obsessed with PYREX, but I am also obsessed with everything that is vintage!

Does anyone else have an obsession for something else other than Pyrex?

See what addiction can do!!! This is a before and after picture......

Two vintage cocoa cola trays, top was $10 and bottom was $8 at a garage sale

I bought these beautiful red ruby canisters at a few antique malls to complete..They are by Wheaton NJ

My vintage bookcase with all of my vintage books in my living room!

and my favorite possession! My 1940's bar filled with vintage barware!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two new items to my collection

No, it is not Pyrex! But I think it is just as good!
My friend went to her boyfriend's friends house who was moving out of state and was selling things in her home...I could not make it that day but she picked up two awesome finds for me!

She picked up this beauty for me. It is a 1950's Oster meat grinder!
It actually still works! And the women had it from the 50's she was the only owner.
Everything original =) 
Now to find a place for it....

and she brought me home this. A 1950's Osterizer blender!
I needed a vintage blender, I refused to buy a new one.
and this still works also and she was the original owner on this one too.

Got both for $15 bucks! SCORE! =)

Pyrex Addiction

This is one of my kitchen cabinets where I store Pyrex and other nice vintage stuff!
It is FILLED! Having a Pyrex addiction is something...before I was even "into" Pyrex like this,
I used to read some blogs before I made my own and all I saw people say was "I found this Pyrex at a thrift" and so on...and I was wondering what the fuss was all about? 
Then I went thrifting and knew what it was all about!
It was great! And so my Pyrex addiction continued.

Does anyone else's cabinets look like this?
Have you downsized?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My grandmother's Christmas Cookies

Every year I try and make my grandmother's Christmas cookies...always as a kid I remember her bringing them over and you just can't get enough of them!

She also makes them with me every Christmas.

I was in the mood for them and made a batch!

I would like to share with you the recipe, because they are really tasty and maybe you can make it a family tradition also!

What you will need:

Large PYREX bowl
Pure Vanilla Extract
All Purpose Flour
Chopped Walnuts
Powered Sugar for topping

My collection for vintage cookbooks

I have such a fascination for vintage cookbooks, not sure what it is but I love them!

Here are all of my cookbooks that I have collected and used of course =)