Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MAGIC stain remover for vintage tablecloths!!!

Don't you just love vintage tablecloths? I DO! Don't you love the graphics, and the beautiful colors on them? I DO! The different themes or floral patterns are so great, but do you love the horrible stains on this beautiful linens? I DON'T! 
Often you see vintage tablecloth's with stains on certain areas of the cloth or all over the tablecloth and it looks like it is doomed and headed for the tablecloth graveyard.....but I will NEVER turn down a tablecloth that has stains on them EVER!

Why you may ask? I was researching and researching to find a way to get these horrible stains gone! 
Some people said clorox, but other people said the color would come out..maybe? 
Some others said BOROX, but others said it didn't quite work..
Some said BIZ 
And one women said TILEX! Yes!!! Tilex! For Mold & Mildew.
It contains bleach but doesn't seem as harsh as the regular Clorox.

It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurray!

I found it on this women's blog, thank you thank you thank you!!!!
You can see her blog HERE

I found this awesome 60's tablecloth at a tag sale this past weekend. I got it for $10 but it had such horrible stains on it...I tried stain remover advanced, didn't work. I went to the store and bought BIZ, I left it soaking in with a cup of BIZ for about 1-2 hours...your suppose to leave over night but I do not have a washing machine in my apartment so I just put 1 gallon of water in a bucket in the bathtub and 1 cup of BIZ and the tablecloth....the BIZ how ever did get the stains to fade, they were more suddle.

The TILEX worked like magic, I swear! All I did was spray the tilex all over the tablecloth, first try a little patch to see if the color stays...which most of them do, back then they made the tablecloths to where the color would stay and not turn. 

I then let it sit for a minute or so and then rinsed it off in the bucket with warm water and used OXY CLEAN color boost detergent..washed and washed that (I do not know how many women did this back then but this is hard work!)

and then soaked it in hot water and washed and washed.
I put it back on cold water and washed all of the detergent out and my husband had to wring it out because I was so tired by then! All the stains gone! And the color as bright as ever! I hung it out on the cloths liner and it is currently drying out in the wind! =)

I will post my photos of it when it is finally dry!


  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to try Tilex next time.

  2. I'm wondering if there were any rust stains? That's the only thing I haven't been able to get out.

    1. Rust stains? I think they were food stains...Try this method it really works wonders!

    2. Rust stains? I think they were food stains...Try this method it really works wonders!

    3. Rust stains? I think they were food stains...Try this method it really works wonders!


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